• Internal multithreading traffic.
    Allows to conduct absolutely adequate trade. Even if any from traders has decided "to merge" to you all arabs or Chinese, or it is frank "hitbots" - the script will give so much the traffic back, how many the given trader objectively deserves.
  • Modern progressive algorithms of a trade.
    There are as classical, well recommending themselves formulas of calculation of a trade, and unique, allowing, in our opinion, to conduct more "correct" trade directed first of all on growth and stabilization of your traffic.
  • Unlimited amount of the main pages.
  • Trade by groups.
    Allows to increase appreciablly external and internal efficiency of a site.
  • Powerful anticheat's opportunities .
    It is possible to redirect any suspicious hit anywhere and to not include to the trader. All necessary parameters it is very floppy it is adjusted.
  • Schemes of trade / show of galleries
    Each trader and type of the traffic can set the unique circuit of trade / show of galleries. Now content skimming it is possible to change directly from an administrator - zone somehow, for example the first click - 100 % for a content, the second - 60 %, the third - 0, and the others - on 50 %. The amount of such schemes is not limited.
  • Floppy system of a redirect of traffic.
    Redirects are adjusted both to the entering traffic, and on proceeding, by the following criteria:
    • by referrers
    • by country*
    • by IP
    • by system language
    • by User-Agent

    And also - the redirect "fast" clicks, " No Java " hits, hits with wrong / modified cookies, hits at which referrer does not coincide with your site.
    Besides each trader it is possible to set a redirect on special page or a redirect on another URL.
  • Toplists
    The unlimited amount of niche toplists, everyone their which can be sorted by 4 parameters.
  • Intuitively understandable, it is floppy the adjusted administrator - interface.
    • carefully thought over arrangement of elements of management
    • choice of displayed parameters of a trade
    • choice of suitable color scale from 10 available
    • opportunity of viewing of dens of visiting of an administrator - zone
    • mass editing of traders
    • viewing of active, inactive and system traders separately.
  • Statistics
    • General statistics for a trade (In, Out, and Clicks - for 24 hours and in last hour)
    • Proxy statistics (In, and Clicks - for 24 hours and last hour)
    • Geo statistics (countries* and system languages) - on the separate trader also it is total.
    • In and Out referrers on the separate trader also it is total.
    • Statistics under links (hourly in last 24 hours, for the separate trader, for the separate link
    • by referrers)
    • Schedules (In, Clicks, and Productivity-for 24 hours on all traders and on the separate trader), the schedule of popular links.
    • Anticheat analysis
    • Fast clicks statistics
    • Statistics of activity IP
    • Global statistics of the site (for the separate trader also it is total) for any period.
    • Statistics of html-source of pages of the trader (for any period)
  • Automatic backup and restoration of a database.
  • Automatic scanning of sites - traders
    for presence of consoles, iframes, replacements of a parental window and so on. The bot comes on sites some times in day, that practically completely excludes an opportunity of a deceit.
  • Floppy adjustments for new traders, an opportunity to start a trade only under certain conditions. Installation of the allowed frequency of submits new sites for everyone webmaster (excludes spamming your site)
  • Edited content bases
    strongly simplify show of a content on your resource.
  • It is not required MySQL.
  • Blacklist.

* - at presence at your server of a corresponding opportunity.

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